Carson Kickboxing Club's vision is to provide the highest quality Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts training to students of all levels. We offer programs for people with a variety of experience, and physical limitations. If you are a complete beginner, or professional athlete, we've got you covered! Track your progress, develop your fitness all while improving power, technique, speed and endurance.

Our classes, personally handled by head instructor Kurt Brooks are not only designed for maximum learning and value - but with your utmost safety in mind. At Carson Kickboxing Club, you'll be sure to get the support you need, when you need it.

With our Carson Kickboxing Club app, you’ll get access to:

● Daily lessons and tutorials
● A dynamic support system
● Connect with your fellow students
● Nutrition programs/Meal Plans
● A goal tracker to keep you on point
● Team Challenges and Prizes

These are just a few features of our app which we continuously improve just for you.

Call us today and discover the Carson Kickboxing Club experience.



  • As a student Kurt paid very close attention to detail and was committed to practicing what he learned. Kurt has high standards and strong core values. He is a great person and role model and I definitely recommend him as an Instructor as he has a lot to share.

    leandro lorenco
    Coach/ Gym Manager
    Wand Fight Team
  • “Kurt is an awesome guy! Taught here at Tristar MMA in Brisbane and we would have him back in a heartbeat! Students loved him and he’s a bad mo’fo”

    Darryl Martin
    Tristar MMA Australia
  • “Kurt is awesome. He’s kind, fun, and easy to learn from. He teaches both traditional and not so traditional techniques, and always has new drills and ways of looking at technique. Everyone at Carson Kickboxing Club is really nice, too.”

    Cara Lawler
    CKC Student
  • Kurt is a very skilled and down to earth instructor. Very technical and knowledgeable. Having tons of fun at CKC.

    Sunly Sa
    CKC Student

The CKC Team